Counselling for charity and third sector clients

Are you looking at a solution for Client Counselling services in the Charity and Third sector, We can help!

We provide a supportive counselling service to your clients and customers with highly experienced and passionate staff who help people who are vulnerable or have experienced abuse, trauma, bereavement, stress or mental health problems, heal and recover from their experiences to bring back their value to the community.

Charities and third sector organisations can find client counselling a difficult area to manage. We enable you to deliver supportive measures to the community to induce a happier, more productive and focused approach to life and community relationships.

Charity and Third Sector Client Counselling service suitability?

Our client counselling services are suitable for individuals who are experiencing abuse,  trauma, from their past or in the community, mental health problems, or stress at home and / or in the workplace. We look at the clients’s whole life picture to resolve and help them cope with the underlying factors. Our approach has been shown to be more dynamic and responsive to the individuals needs resulting in a higher level of service and return on your health and welfare budgets.

Clients who take up our help are enabled to manage their lives and make positive life choices about their personal life and work. This not only benefits them and the local charity or third sector delivery organisation, but also the people around them in the home and local community.

Our charity and third sector client counselling service benefits:

  • We provide a holistic service which enables clients to address underlying causes of their issues whilst you work on the presenting problem
  • Working in partnership we can manage a broad range of services whilst managing the individual needs of clients and service users
  • We help individuals find practical solutions to manage their stress and anxiety therefore reduce reliance on substances
  • We embed resilience in clients to help them in times of pressure and reduce reliance on mental health services
  • Through therapeutic, creative and innovative services we help clients recover more successfully from traumatic experiences
  • We provide a choice for individuals to access services and engage in preventative work
  • We provide cost effective group work which helps individuals support and encourage each other

Our charity and third sector client counselling service is delivered around your needs as the organisation providing essential services

We can work with individuals on a one to one basis, and in groups. Our services can be delivered at our resource centres, and via telephone.

The value of Client Counselling for clients and customers in the Charity and Third sector

With 11 years experience in delivering client counselling programmes, workshops and one to one services across a wide range of locations our counsellors can deliver the benefits above at a competitive rate that enhances your clients lives and we can tailor our services around your budget. You will see a positive return on your client counselling investment and see the value of a caring approach to client management well beyond the delivery of our services.

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