Stress Management for Private Sector Employees

Is work stress a problem in your organisation? stress management services can help!

Stress is a leading factor in lost productivity, poor performance and absenteeism from the workplace. By providing support for stress management to your employees and actively encouraging them to take part in the management of their stress, can make a big difference to their output.

Employers can find workplace employee stress a difficult area to manage. We enable you to deliver supportive measures to your workforce to induce a happier, more productive and focused approach to work and work place relationships.

You may have completed a stress audit and employee wellbeing survey in consultation with staff about their core concerns on psychological health, workload and job satisfaction. While the majority of staff cope comfortably with their workload and enjoy a good measure of job satisfaction, creating a safer and more supportive work environment that helps private sector employees to deliver excellent service to customers, benefits all staff and the organisation as a whole.

By using our services you can show,  your organisations commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment. In addition you can highlight a culture that promotes health and wellbeing.

Stress management service

Our stress management services are suitable for employees who are suffering stress at home and in the workplace. We look at the employee’s whole life picture, by taking a panoramic wide angle view of each client and their circumstances to resolve and help them cope with the underlying causes of stress. Our approach has been shown to be more dynamic and responsive to the individuals needs resulting in a higher level of service and a return on your health and welfare budgets.

Employees who take up our help are enabled to manage their stress and make positive life choices about their home life and work. This not only benefits them and the employer, but also the people around them in the home and workplace.

Our unique employee stress management service benefits are:

  • A choice of different approaches to suit the individual
  • A process that embeds resilience in your employees
  • We provide practical tools to empower the individual with coping skills
  • Increased motivation through positive messaging into employees and workforce
  • We reduce the cost of employees by effecting supportive change in the individual and delivering positive outcomes
  • By Increasing employees self awareness, self esteem, confidence we increase productive output
  • Help individuals manage stress and anxiety
  • We awaken staff creativity and commitment
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Fewer days lost to sickness, absenteeism and presenteeiesm
  • Improved relationships with co-workers and management
  • Improved performance and quality of work
  • Enable employees to meet health, wellbeing and supportive outputs

Our employee stress management service is delivered around your needs as an employer

We can work with individuals on a one to one basis, in groups and workshops. Our services can also be delivered in-house, at our resource centres, and via telephone.

The value of stress management and its return on investment

With 20 years experience in delivering stress management programmes, workshops and one to one services to employees across a wide range of industry sectors our counsellors / practitioners can deliver the benefits above at a competitive rate that enhances your employee output and tailor our stress management services around your budget. Our clients see a positive return on their stress management investment and see the value of a caring approach to employee management well beyond the delivery of our services.

We are here to help, Lets Talk

Together we can make a change, call us, or fill in the contact form, and we will have one of our counsellors/ stress management practitoner contact you to talk through the service you need to help improve your employees work life balance!