Supervision for Charity & Third Sector Employees

Working in the charity and third sectors to provide support to customers, service users and clients can be  tough. Whilst many recognise the rewarding nature of the work in these sectors, many charity and third sector workers forget the toll it can take on their mental health. Panoramic Counselling and Wellbeing can help by providing you or your staff with a supervision service.

External supervision or clinical supervision as it is often referred to, is essential for sustaining reflective practice. Our supervisors provide a safe environment, where staff can focus on their work with clients, along with other personal and professional issues they may encounter in their work.

Supervision enhances workers continuing professional development (CPD), we focus on the practitioner rather than the organisation.

On-going clinical /external supervision provided by a qualified and highly experienced practitioner, can prevent professional “burn out” and is vital for client safety as the process supports the practitioner to work more effectively with clients.

Our external supervision service helps staff to:

  • Address the emotional impact of working with clients
  • Develop their understanding of the impact of trauma/ stress on them as a worker
  • Develop self-care strategies
  • Explore any other issues which may impact on their capacity to provide support
  • Gain an opportunity for professional and personal development

Our Supervision Experience in the Charity and Third sectors

Our supervisors have worked extensively over the last eleven years providing supervision to supervisees, with expertise in the Charity and Third sectors. Our supervision offers support to counsellors and staff working with: domestic and sexual violence, social care, bereavement, hate crime, parenting, mentoring, homelessness and work with young people.

We offer face to face individual supervision for one hour. Group supervision is offered for a minimum of one and half hours.
We also can offer telephone supervision where appropriate.

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